Thursday, August 5, 2010

Conversation with a 4 year old

A couple weeks ago we found out our dog, Lucy, had cancer. Unfortunately it spread very quickly and she didn't make it. We knew that we wanted another dog. But I didn't want to get one right away and have any guilty feelings of 'replacing' Lucy. But after talking to a friend about it we decided that it would be really good for the kids to have a little buddy to help them through and give them something to cuddle and play with. Well we decided we would take on this little dog and save it from going to the shelter. So that the kids wouldn't get their hopes up too much and because the dog was so cheap, I let them know that we would just try this dog out for a while and see if he fits in with us or not.
Here is a conversation I had with Ella this morning...
Ella- Mom can we just keep Rascal for a day or two, maybe three?
Me- I was hoping we could keep him longer than that.
Ella- But mom, then he will just die.
Me- Everything dies. Even I will die someday.
( A long pause..'oh no', I thought, 'here it comes, another talk about death, possibly some tears involved'.)
Ella- Mom, when you die, can I drive your car?

Funny, it appears my daughter is more concerned about a dog dieing than her mother. I love four year olds !


Candice said...

And can I have your cake decorating supplies? Just kidding! That is so funny.

Jensens said...

Too funny! Sometimes you really have to wonder what is going through their minds :)