Saturday, July 31, 2010

Feeling Old(er)

I tried to do a Kart wheel for Lindsey yesterday and pulled a leg muscle. It only ended up being a half Kart wheel.

I wanted to show off for the kids by hanging upside down on the monkey bars but couldn't remember how I used to swing my legs up and over. There is no way I could even attempt that one, so I didn't. I just sat on the park bench thinking it over for about two seconds.

My knees hurt.

I'm tired.

OK, so some of the things on this list might not mean I'm old, just need more exercise. Ya, I think that's what I'll tell myself.

I see teenagers on the News and think of them as 'kids' . Kids? When did that happen? My thoughts are things like 'Someday very soon that could be, yikes, Robbie, Emery, or...'

Most of my Mom's and Dad's decisions and talks are starting to make sense.

I can not wear teenage style clothing and feel completely comfortable in it. I probably have held onto this one longer than I should have anyway.

I'm starting to treasure each day more fully as the gift it really is.

Every day I get one day closer to 30 (Still have a little over a year left, so no tears yet). I remember when 30 sounded so OLD.

So, I know that some of you who read this will think, 'Wow, what a small list compared to mine, just wait till she is my age', or even 'Your only as old as you feel', or 'I always thought she was older considering all those kids she has', or my favorite 'But you look (or are) so young'.

Im still in a little shock that I even have a 'getting older' list. Really? When did all of these things start happening?

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Candice said...

I understand. When did we get old? I tried to cross the monkey bars recently, and it was HARD. When did that happen? When did time start to fly at super sonic speed?