Tuesday, March 30, 2010


One day when I was a very little girl I saw someone at the mall with a tatting shuttle making beautiful lace butterflies. Her hands were moving so quickly, even though the lace takes a long time to make and requires a lot of patience it is beautiful. Very few people know this lost art. That is what attracted me to it the most. It is nice to be able to do something that not many people can do. Well I was 11 years old when a neighbor taught me the art. I dont have a lot of pictures right now. I give most of my tatting away, But I have put a few post on the blog about it before, and there will be more to come.
Meanwhile check out this blog and her giveaway...

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Jane Eborall said...

Hi there. Just popping in to let you know that tatting isn't lost!!!! Well, not at the moment! It's very much alive and well thanks to the internet!!! If you decide to return to the craft then please look me up. I've a lot of free, exciting patterns to share.